Your Health, Our Focus

Our products are made using certified organic, cold pressed virgin hemp seed oil, rich in vitamins A, B, C and E. All ingredients are vegan and animal-friendly. We use sustainably sourced,100% premium coconut derived MCT oil which is considered one of, if not the best known carrier of cannabinoids.

Health Focus CBD

The Science

Health Focus CBD aims to go above and beyond in this exciting market.

We use a blend of MCT and Crude CBD paste providing a subtle, yet true and distinct flavour. MCT oil is considered a better carrier of cannabinoids due to its fatty nature, even absorption of cannabis compounds and ability to retain them.

Most importantly, the CBD extract used is Full Spectrum, organically grown, GMO free and legal in the UK. It is drawn via supercritical process of CO2 extraction, being the healthiest and safest form of harnessing and deriving the essence of the plant, using no harmful chemicals or solvents.

The Whole Plant Full Spectrum Cannabis Sativa is extracted bringing the cannabinoids, terpenoids, flavonoids all together to encourage the entourage effect. This extract is already rich in omega-3,6,9 fatty acids and amino acids, adding to the existing benefits of the carrier oils. All of our products are tested to industry standards, with an aim of being high quality yet competitive on price, to offer our customers a high-value and pleasant experience.

CBD is legal in a number of different countries and users are constantly on the rise thanks to more studies showing its many positive attributes.

Our range accommodates people of all ages, from those who are looking for new alternatives to more experienced users that have a good knowledge of CBD and the benefits it holds.

CBD Oil With A Difference