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CBD & Coronavirus – Is there a link & can CBD help?

CBD & Coronavirus – Is there a link & can CBD help?

Nearly one year on and the pandemic still ravaging the planet, CBD may be a shining light in the midst of all this chaos.

Could CBD help?

Studies done by scientists from the Dental College of Georgia (DCG) and the Medical College of Georgia have shown that CBD can reduce lung damage caused by COVID-19. CBD can increase levels of oxygen, as well as reduce inflammation and physical lung damage related to adult respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). 

When someone is infected severely with the COVID-19 virus, their levels of the peptide, apelin, decrease significantly. This peptide is known to reduce inflammation and blood pressure. CBD can actually increase the levels of apelin 20 times in the body, therefore increasing the body’s chance to fight off the infection by being able to decrease inflammation. 

When the COVID-19 virus enters the body, it makes its way in through the ACE2 receptor. This receptor is linked to apelin and both are often found in the lungs. In fact, usually they both work together in a positive way by controlling blood pressure and playing an important role in cardiovascular health. However, the COVID-19 virus disrupts this harmonious partnership because the virus is able to bind to the ACE2 receptor. When this happens, angiotensin ll (a blood vessel constrictor) increases and a patient’s blood vessels are not able to widen, which makes their condition worse. Normally, the ACE2 receptor helps relax blood vessels but in the case of COVID-19, it simply enables the virus to spread throughout the body more easily. 

There is still much research to be done. Scientists are now looking at exactly why apelin decreases with COVID-19 and how CBD manages to increase it. 

As for more general and less severe symptoms of the virus, we already know CBD can naturally reduce anxiety and pain. It can also help boost energy levels, combat fatigue and can improve sleep which in turn helps boost the immune system. 


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