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CBD & Yoga

CBD & Yoga?

It’s no secret. For centuries, yoga and CBD have gone hand-in-hand together but the powerful duo have only been highlighted recently. 

CBD targets our endocannabinoid system (ECS) which can easily become off-balance by our lifestyles. To put it simply, CBD restores and rebalances our ECS system. Yoga is a fantastic way to unite the body, breath and mind. The benefits of yoga are countless, and research has shown that the benefits from both yoga and CBD are quite similar and even more powerful when used together.

  • Calming effects – have you noticed that after doing a yoga class, you tend to feel a lot calmer? Both yoga and CBD slow down the central nervous system, reducing stress and helping us to feel a sense of calm.
  • Improves mood – many people notice an improvement in their mood when practicing yoga and using a CBD product. They can both help with mental health and contribute to an overall sense of wellness.
  • Improves mental focus – yoga and CBD help sharpen the mind and increase concentration levels. This is especially good for those who need to sit exams or work long hours. 
  • Boosts immunity – research shows that practicing yoga regularly and taking CBD oil can enhance your immune system, meaning your body can fight off infections and illness more efficiently. 
  • Healthy skin – CBD reduces inflammation, redness and irritation in skin and yoga improves blood circulation. A combination of the two can lead to glowing skin. 
  • Reduces pain – many people who suffer from chronic pain and who practice yoga and take CBD oil notice they both have a positive effect on their pain levels. Because CBD helps reduce inflammation, this also reduces pain. Yoga improves overall flexibility and can be used as a coping mental tool for high levels of pain. 

In addition to the benefits, CBD is also fantastic for helping one’s yoga practice. Not only can CBD aid faster muscle recovery, it can also help one to go deeper in one’s yoga journey. Yoga is already a bridge between the mind and body, but CBD helps close that gap even more. CBD helps enhance our focus and clarity which is one of the most important elements of yoga. Allowing us to be even more mindful in the present moment, CBD propels us deeper into the world of yoga.

While CBD and yoga do not ‘magically’ fix us, they are tools we can use to help us on our road to healing or improve our overall sense of wellbeing. Get in touch with us about how CBD can enhance your life.


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