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Is CBD right choice for Vegan and for me?

We’ve all heard the benefits of a plant-based diet, but now we can infuse that diet with even more goodness. CBD oil can be added to foods and drinks and there are also a number of food products on the market that already include cbd in them. CBD oil can also help vegans in more ways than one…

What drinks and foods can CBD be infused in?

CBD oil can be added to a plethora of home-made drinks and food; smoothies,milkshakes  juices, muffins and even coffee. 


For those who enjoy a cold brew but don’t enjoy the anxiety that can be associated with caffeine, a few drops of CBD oil can eradicate the negative effects of too much caffeine. Even alcoholic cocktails can include CBD oil. CBD mixes well with spirits such as vodka and cognac, as well as beer and wine. Interestingly, CBD reacts differently with each alcohol. There are a number of Kombucha teas on the market that are infused with CBD. The combination of this probiotic drink and CBD has an array of benefits, such as better gut health, less inflammation and decreased levels of anxiety. 


CBD oil is being infused into gummies and brownies, making it much easier for people to enjoy their daily dose. Desserts and sweet treats are also being laced with CBD. Breakfast foods like muesli, granola and acai bowls are an easy food product to sprinkle a few drops of CBD over. If you are going to add CBD oil to baked or cooked foods, make sure you stay under 160 degrees celsius as very hot temperatures can reduce the effectiveness of CBD.

CBD products for vegans

If you follow a plant-based diet or don’t want to consume animal products for protein and iron, hemp derived CBD oil can help improve your energy levels. The hemp plant has all 20 amino acids, meaning that CBD is a good protein source. As a vegan, you likely don’t get all the complex B vitamins. CBD has all of them, including Vitamin B6, B12, riboflavin, niacin and thiamine. A fact that many people don’t know is that CBD also contains a high level of iron. This is perfect for those who follow a plant-based diet and don’t want to take iron supplements.

Our CBD products are all vegan and animal-friendly. Get in touch with us today about our array of products.

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