Health Focus CBD Body Lotion Watermelon & Cucumber




– 500mg

– Watermelon & Cucumber infused

– 200ml bottle

– Broad spectrum CBD

– 0% THC

– GMO free


This fruitful combination of Health Focus CBD body lotion contains nourishing fatty acids and its substantial skin calming effects can help with sensitivity, reactivity and redness. An excellent alternative to creams that contain complex and synthesised chemicals, although they do contribute with moisturising they can also affect the balance of your skin’s natural shield. If you suffer from dry or tired skin, our body lotion gives you the hydration it needs by stimulating CB1 and CBD receptors found within all of us. This non-greasy formula quickly absorbs leaving you feeling soft and silky.


Massage thoroughly into skin, joints and muscles as often as required.

Distilled water, sweet almond oil, beeswax, vitamin E, watermelon essential oil, cucumber essential oil, 500mg CBD


Do not take this product if:

You are pregnant/breastfeeding

Taking prescription medication – consult with your doctor before consumption

Side effects can include:


Decreased appetite

Gastrointestinal problems

If you notice one or more of these symptoms reduce dosage or stop consumption.


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