Health Focus CBD Oil 1000mg Rose CBD Oil




– 1000mg, 10% CBD

– Rose flavour

– 10ml dropper bottle

– Broad spectrum CBD

– 0% THC

– GMO free

– Vegan friendly

Our entry 10% 1000mg product is a good way to get familiar with taking CBD oil and gauging what strength is best suited to your individual requirements. All of our CBD oils are mixed with MCT oil which is considered one of, if not the best known carrier of cannabinoids due to it’s fatty nature and ability to retain them too. Coming in an anti tamper bottle you can rest assured knowing you have a top quality CBD oil.

1-3 drops per dosage, to be taken 1-3 times a day.

Hold under the tongue for 60 seconds or more, then swallow.

Each drop is approximately 0.05ml of liquid which contains about 5mg Broad Spectrum CBD.

It’s recommended to start off with lower and less amounts and work your way up gradually, as you feel required.

Rose flavoured premium MCT Oil (coconut extract), 1000mg CBD

Do not take this product if:

You are pregnant/breastfeeding

Taking prescription medication – consult with your doctor before consumption

Side effects can include:


Decreased appetite

Gastrointestinal problems

If you notice one or more of these symptoms reduce dosage or stop consumption.


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